IT-Web Dissertation Sample Paper on E-Commerce


Companies with secure e-commerce platforms tend to establish strong consumer trust on the online platform due to the secure nature of their payment systems. However, in instances where such companies experience technical breaches related to security, the trust can reduce. Security is an important element that has to be maintained to sustain the reputation of online companies, although the emergence of cybercrime has increased these breaches with companies such as target being affected.

            Although such breaches can affect the online consumer behavior, companies on the other hand can handle such cases. In instances where perceptions may contribute heavily to customer migration, the companies’ public relation skills can mitigate negative perceptions on the affected consumers. These incidences are likely not to affect the future online consumer behavior. This is because the online consumers are becoming aware of such crimes, thereby adapting to such circumstances. The online consumer behavior on the other hand can be handled to restore the perception of such companies.

            These security breaches can be prevented in the future by implementing secure systems that integrate well with the company’s infrastructure. This can be implemented by using standard secure protocols for the e-commerce environment to prevent unauthorized intrusion into such systems. Besides this, another prevention strategy would be to monitor the payment systems by using data mining techniques to gather consumer behavior attributes. The behavior attributes can then be used to build consumer profiles that can be used to prevent future consequences especially when abnormal behaviors are detected. These breaches can be controlled through the use of technology, and the application of behavioral attributes. This would enhance the platforms security, and also help to raise alerts in instances where suspicious behaviors are detected.