Importance of Sodium in the Human Body Sample Essay

Importance of Sodium in the Human Body

Sodium is a mineral used by the body for purposes of controlling blood pressure. It is defined as an electrolyte controlling extracellular body fluids. It is necessary for hydration simply because it drivers water into cells and aids the body in getting rid of byproducts. For sodium to benefit the body, it should be moderated. It plays an important role in the body when the balance is just right.

The Vitamins and Nutrition Center Website states it works with bicarbonate and chloride towards keeping a certain level of particles in body tissues and fluids that are both positively and negatively charged. What is more, sodium is also a crucial component in the nerves. This is attributed to the fact it aids in stimulation of the muscles as well as adrenal glands.

Sodium is important to the human body as it serves as an electrolyte. This means it assists the body maintain fluid balance. In essence, sodium assists in regulation of water amount around and in body cells. In the event the fluid levels aren’t balanced, the cells swell leading to serious health complications.

Without proper sodium amounts, the body might have great difficulty cooling down especially after an intense activity or workout. Whenever the body is hot, a person sweats and if they lack enough sodium, the body does not sweat enough leading to cases of overheating. This can lead to a stroke and in some cases, dehydration or exhaustion.

Sodium is important as well as it plays a crucial role in blood pressure regulation. Whenever the blood pressure is very high, it leaves the individual at risk of illnesses like heart disease. High amounts of sodium also lead to cases of high levels of blood pressure and can spark heart attacks. On the other hand, little amounts of sodium can leave one feeling not only exhausted but weak at all times.

Sodium is also important as it ensures nutrients get passed into the cells of the body. In the same manner, for the nervous system to run efficiently, it is essential to ensure the diet consumed has enough levels of sodium. In instances when the amount of sodium in a diet is low, it is possible to experience seizures.

Additionally, sodium is also important for purposes of maintaining fluid in the body and also osmoregulation. Additionally, it also plays a central role in muscle contraction as well as enzyme operation. There are other health benefits associated with sodium such as absorption of glucose and heart performance etc. While sodium plays an important role in the body, high levels can also lead to increased blood pressure and fluid retention.

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