Free Essay: The Importance of Mitosis in Plants

Free Essay: The Importance of Mitosis in Plants

Mitosis is a process of cell division and can take place in both plants and animals. However, this paper will focus on mitosis in plants and how important the process is. Mitosis is the process through which pant cells are divided, leading to the creation of two similar copies of one cell. The cells that are created from the division of the cell are known ad daughter cells. Each of them acquires an identical copy of genetic material that is contained in the parent cell.

Plant mitosis occurs in phases that include interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase and cytokinesis. The first phase is whereby the cell of the plant gears up or prepares to undergo mitosis. The others follow in the same order that they are listed above. In the last phase known as the cytokinesis, the cell is already divided into two. In this process, a cell plate is developed to create a distinction between the daughter cells. It is then that they pull away from each other.

There are several ways through which mitosis can benefit plants. One of them is that it aids the repair and growth of plant. Through the process of mitosis, a pant is able to structure its physical body in a way that will sustain its life. For instance, mitosis will take place whenever a plant’s branch has been cut to ensure that more cells are produced so that another branch can come forth. Whenever mitosis occurs in such a scenario, it is for the development of new plants cells so that the plant does not stop growing merely because its branch has been cut off.

Another scenario where mitosis can be of great importance to plants is when its cells have been destroyed. All the parts of a plant have got cells that perform various functions. In the event that a plant has lots cells in a given part, mitosis will take place to ensure that a replacement is provided. This will assist the plant to continue growing. However, it should be noted that mitosis will also depend on the conditions of the environment. If a plant withers as a result of drought, mitosis may not be effective since all the processes are curtailed by the lack of water.

Since mitosis leads to the creation of identical copies of the original plant cell, it gives forth an identical plant. Mitosis can be applied by biologists in creating many plants with similar features. Since the cells that are formed through the process are similar in DNA composition, the resultant is several plants of the same species. Thus, mitosis can help in preserving plant species.

Even though most plants reproduce sexually, there are also some that undergo asexual reproduction through the process of mitosis. Mitosis helps plant to reproduce much faster from cuttings through the creation of several cells. The life of plants is dependent on mitosis, in case the process does not take place, the plant will not be able to experience any form of growth.


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