Importance of Copper in the Human Body Sample Essay

Importance of Copper in the Human Body

Copper is a trace element vital for ensuring the human body is healthy. It ensures the organs are functioning properly and also ensures the metabolic processes are carried out properly. The body has homeostatic mechanism which are complex and which ensure there is a constant copper supply. What is more, it also eliminates excess copper when this happens. Though this is the case, just like other essential nutrients and elements, too little or much copper can lead to health complications. Health agencies have already set dietary standards that need to be followed not only for children but expectant women, adults as well as infants.

Copper is available in nature and body tissues have traces. The liver and brain are among the tissues with the highest trace levels of copper. Copper is essential as it carries out various functions in the body. Top among this is formation of melanin, a pigment found in skin. It also aids in the transportation of electrons as well as maintaining strength of myelin which is a sheath that covers the nerves.

Copper is also important as it aids in phospholipids synthesis. Additionally, it aids in hemoglobin formation in the human blood together with iron. More importantly, copper is part of the enzymes needed for fatty acids oxidation. Another important role played by copper is that of ensuring an individual has healthy hair. Copper plays a central role in the functioning of the nerves, development of fetus, blood cells formation, muscle and heart movement as well as development of the nervous system and the brain. For iron to be used effectively in the body, copper is essential as well.

In humans, copper is found in thirteen differing enzymes. In order to ensure the body produces these enzymes, it is essential to ensure the body has the appropriate copper amount. Copper deficiency has been found to play a crucial role in health complications such as heart diseases and high levels of cholesterol. Some of the health complications associated with low levels of copper in the body include osteoporosis anemia as well as other minor and major health complications.

It is vital to ensure copper in the human body is maintained at appropriate levels. Ideally, it should fall between fifty and one hundred and twenty milligrams. While it is true that when the copper level is low one can suffer serious health problems, it is also true high copper levels are toxic. It is very rare for a deficiency of copper to be reported and this is because even the poorest diets provide the necessary copper needs for humans.

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