Importance Of a Checklist in Writing a Research Paper

Writing a Research Paper

You will agree that writing a research paper is not one of the easiest academic assignments, hence, the need to have a checklist on important aspects of writing a research paper assignment, before you write a research paper. The checklist for your research paper could reflect the following:
• Is it relevant, interesting, and feasible?
Thesis statement
• Is it testable, specific, clear, complete, or is it a question?
The abstract
• Does it capture the essence of the entire research project?
The introduction
• Is the introductory statement captivating, does the introduction give an overview of what of the research project?
The methodology
• Have you given logical explanations on the choice of methods you chose? Were the methods used the most suitable or you would have used others to write a research paper more effectively?
The results
• Have you presented the results only or the chapter has some aspects of interpretation?
The structure
• Have you followed the recommended structure to write the paper?
The format
• Have you used the recommended format from the title page, the body, in-text citation, and the bibliography? Are the page numbers and running heads rightly positioned?
Proofreading and editing
• Are your paragraphs flowing logically from one to another?
• Have you checked for confusing or irrelevant words?
• Have you checked for ambiguity?
Assignment requirements
• Have you met the required length?
• Do you have relevant sources?
• Are your sources enough?
These are important factors that you should consider when called upon to write a research paper. sometimes, students spend so much time writing their research papers that they become immune to their errors, although they are stated in the checklist. In this regard, it is advisable that you engage a second or third party to go through the checklist and to proofread and edit your work. They will easily identify the mistakes you make unconsciously as you write a research paper.