Ideas And Topics For a Research Paper Proposal

Research Paper Proposal

A research paper proposal forms the conception of a research project. It’s main purpose is to give details of the intended project to the supervisor or the dissertation committee. As such, it becomes inevitable to take extra caution when coming up with ideas or topics for a research proposal.

The research proposal topic shapes the direction of your project. As such, it should be guided by the objectives of the research. Although coming up with a research proposal topic is not a very difficult task, it requires skill. It can make or ruin the research project you intend to do. In addition, where you need the support of sponsors, you must present research paper proposal that convinces them to invest in you.

Purpose of writing a research proposal

  • To give specific information related to past researches
  • Stating the significance of the research
  • Stating the thesis statement and methodologies to be used in testing the thesis statement
  • Giving a summarized literature review and references

Tips of choosing a topic for research paper proposal

One of the challenges that students face when coming up with research paper topics is identifying a good research Image 2paper idea, but then failure to identify authoritative and relevant sources for the research. In such instances, it is advisable that you shift to a topic that has adequate sources. the credibility of research assignments is based on the sources you use. Inadequate sources imply that you will not provide a satisfactory answer to the research question.

Another challenge is finding interesting and relevant topics that fail to meet the threshold on the requirements of your course. It is advisable to come up with multiple ideas from which you narrow down based on findings of preliminary research.

In case you have trouble in coming up with ideas and topics for research paper proposal, you can request for online help from experts.