Human Resource Management of Google, Microsoft, and McDonalds

Human Resource Management- Google, Microsoft, and McDonalds

Google’s HRM

According to the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, the goal of the human resource management in an organization is stripping away everything that stands in the way of their staff. The company offers ordinary fringe benefit package above other benefits like world-class gyms, laundry and massage rooms, carwashes, dining facilities, commuting buses, dry cleaning services as well as salons and haircuts. Further, the company ensures there is a solid work life balance. Employee benefits are both monetary and non-monetary-paid leaves, unlimited sick leaves, free-flu shots, eighteen weeks paid maternity leave, program of fuel efficiency vehicle incentives, on-site medical and dental facilities as well as annual on-site health fairs that offer free services (Bunyamin & Meyliana 6).

Google, over the years has demonstrated great concern for its members of staff. The employee management process within the organization starts with the principle of diversity and respect. The diversity is evidenced in differences of the communities that work in the company including Black Googlers Network, Gayglers, woman@Google and Hispanic Googler Network among others. Also, Google acts as the service provider for its staff members, treating them as they would customers. Such treatment aims at improving employee satisfaction, which translates to proper treatment of customers and quality service delivery (Bunyamin & Meyliana 5).

Bunyamin and Meyliana made the observation Google’s package for employees made it possible for the company to be voted as the top organization in the “Best Company to Work for” in 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012. The company’s management ensures staff members work hard and they at the same time, enjoy their work through creation of an environment that is fun in the workplaces. The headquarters of the company in Mountain View-California has an environment that is college-like, extolls innovativeness and creativity virtues. According to Bunyamin and Meyliana, the company as well “uses its corporate servicescape and corporate culture and climate to create an informal value added environment” (7)

Microsoft’s HRM

Microsoft ranks among the wealthiest and most successful organizations across the globe. From the perspective of HRM, it is a company that is employee driven; it bass it’s success on effectiveness of employees, which is different from other organizations with the tendency of capitalizing on modern technologies as well as enhanced techniques of manufacturing. Microsoft, basically values its employees and has realized the essence of keeping them motivated (Silistre par 3-5).

In terms of recruitment, Bill Gates has always been inclined towards recruiting highly intelligent employees as such, giving great consideration to intelligence other than the experience one has. Right from the start of the company, the HRM has always believed in giving its priority to college graduates who are intelligent though not experienced (Silistre par 6-7). Gates capitalizes on such intelligence in order to propel the organization to much greater heights of effectiveness and productivity in realization of his dreams. The strategies used in recruitment tend to be a reflection of the philosophy held by the company: it involves taking the best individuals from institutions of learning and giving them the opportunity to prove their capability for the organizations benefit.

Silistre made the observation that in relation to satisfaction of employees, Microsoft HRM has made efforts to cater to the needs of staff members. From their first day in the company, the needs of the employees are identified and the enterprise, which operates like a campus endeavors to make them comfortable to ensure they give their best. The former HRM director described this approach by positing, “How do you make young kids who had never been away from home-or only as far as college- comfortable? We wanted to keep the atmosphere at work one they were somewhat familiar with, and also make sure it gave them a sense of social belonging” (Silistre par 11). The environment as well encompasses every staff member with a personal office which they decorate as they deem appropriate and they also get subsidized means. Also, as part of the resource package, Microsoft offers employee equity, employee retention and rewards great performances.

McDonalds’s HRM

McDonalds is the leading Food Service Company in the world and the largest employer in the US with over 500,000 workers. McDonald has more than 10,000 locations and has continue to expand, operating over 28,000 restaurants across the globe. The company offers work opportunities to teenagers in college who make up 12% of all the employees. The company’s HRM capitalizes on training its employees through basic Crew Training System which is an encompassing on-the-job training program. Such training starts once the individual is absorbed into the company and often entails step-by-step manuals and video tapes that cover details of company operations (McDonald Par 12-14).

Also, McDonald’s HRM focuses on educating the youths working with the company. Collaborating with parents and educators, the organization makes sure that its school-aged workers see their education and school work as their number one priority. The company as well plays a crucial role in aiding workers attain educational goals, ensuring full educational support, balancing career opportunities and school work. (McDonald par 15-16). Other benefits that are part of the HR package of McDonald include wages increment, competitive wages, free uniforms, life insurance, flexible working hours, paid vacations, discounted haircuts, bonus schemes, educational support, MAC Card and MCDiect Shares (McDonald par 17).

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