HR Management: Some Experiences Cannot Be Had at a Distance: The Importance of Face-to-Face Settings for Building Professional Networking Skills

Article title: Some Experiences Cannot Be Had at a Distance: The Importance of Face-to-Face    Settings for Building Professional Networking Skills

Date:               June 2014

Author:            K Harris, JA Williams


I selected this article since it provides insights on effective networking skills for a job seeker for example a graduate. It helped me understand the important of creating effective social as well as corporate networks as one of the major sources of information. It is based on an empirical research through a project that was carried out by a class in order to determine the actual significance of networking and the important roles that networking plays in absorbing jobseekers into the vast job market. My rationale of selecting this article is also based on the fact that it clearly criticizes use of social media as the main mode of networking with friends and professional. It appreciates the fact that such avenues of networking are important but limiting in terms of credibility due to physical withdrawal.  After my personal assessment, I also realize that that despite possessing great skills relating to job search such as drafting excellent and customized resumes, cover letters as well as use of social media for job search, my weakness in networking has been could be detrimental in my efforts to secure my career job and probably settle lessor jobs creating the common situation of over-education in the labour market and hence job dissatisfaction which is accompanied by frustrations.

Article summary

By clearly outlining that there is more drafting resumes, good cover letters and attending interviews, this article has helped me learn the value of creating effective and productive networks. Striving to make both personal and professional contacts with the persons working in your prospective industry and professions helps one create close ties that are useful in terms of obtaining information that one may need from them. From this article, I could also derive that there is more to networks than just friendship. Interacting with professionals affords them the opportunity to observe you in terms of your attitude towards work, your interpersonal skills, leadership and decision making skills.

This interaction also acts as training for interaction with future employers. This is especially in the changing trends where employers no longer sit back and wait for interviews but are going out of their way to fetch exemplary performing prospective employees (Harris, Williams 2014).

Still, networking is also helpful where one needs to start small businesses within a very short time after their formal employment. It is the relationships created that ensure such a smooth transition from formal employment to sole proprietorship. Thus it is important to ensure both vertical networks with people higher in the hierarchy such as the employers as well as horizontal networks with people of your level such as the colleagues at the college.

Article analysis

The information availed in this article will be of great importance in my personal growth.

More specifically, understanding the importance of effective networks will help me strive to create many networks, both social and professional networks. This article provides suggestions on how to create effective networks. For example a college student may identify a prospective employer and proceed to establish a mentorship relationship. Such a relationship motivates the employers to maintain a closer relationship when they realize that some wholly relies on their guidance and direction.

            Established networks will also form an avenue to market myself in the competitive labour market. This is because one of the most effective forms of interviews is the one that one of parties happens to be a stranger to each other. The sense of familiarity for instance reduces tension ensuring that one gives an interview the best shot. Still, networking with individuals of high profile makes interaction with other persons lower with in status friendlier. For instance if someone has a relationship with the Chief Executive of a come, interacting with the human resource function of the company would seem walk in the park.

            In conclusion, proper job searching starts with establishing working networks at any given level and not with drafting of resumes and cover letters. A well networked individual therefore is more competitive than another individual with excellent resumes and cover letter. This is because anyone can write a cover letter but not everyone can establish functional, executive and advantageous networks. (Bates, Lundquist, Robertson, Urban, Voss 2014).

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