HR Management Admission Essay on Adult Learner Interview

Adult Learner Interview

Were you to describe yourself, what would you say?

I am a middle aged man who believes that there is no end to education. I am a fulltime employee who dedicates his time on ensuring that he gets the best results from his work.

What adult learning activities have you participated in?

Due to my demanding work schedule, I cannot be in class during my working hours. However, now that I am on vacation, I have decided to use this time to enroll for a training course that focuses on efficient communication. 

What was the nature of these activities?

This training entailed group work where five individuals would be assigned a particular task and present it. Team members were also required to conduct discussions and debates on various issues.  Additionally, oral and written tests were also part of the course.

Why did you pursue these activities?

I pursued this training because I want to improve my communication skills.  More often, I find it hard to accommodate other people’s views especially when I feel that they are inferior to mine. Therefore, I saw this as a chance to help me interact with people and try to accommodate their views.

What was the outcome of the activity?

I must say that the activity is extremely beneficial. Though it’s hard to shed off my personality, I have learnt that as much as I may have a superior educational background than some people, whatever they say matters because everyone is entitled to his own opinion.

What barriers to learning do you encounter as an adult?

As an adult, I find it hard to admit that I am opinionated. I feel offended when people tell me that I am being rude while all I want to do is express my feelings.


From this interview, it is evident that the interviewee is a sensory learner. He prefers practical and concrete information. He insists on facts as opposed to unproven theories.