How To Write a Research Proposal

 Research Proposal

Generally, a research proposal is a document showing your research topic, the significance of your project, objectives of your research and how you will achieve your research objectives; it is a write-up demonstrating that you have a viable project and a plan for the project.

The main purpose of a research proposal is to lay a foundation of your project. That being the case, you need to have unquestionable skills or tips on how to write a research proposal. the steps below will help you write a winning research proposal.

    1. Re-evaluate or revise your title

Focus on one aspect of your title, making sure that it focuses on the specific questions your research will answer. Also, consider the time you have to do your project and the expectations of your instructor.

  1. Have a specific thesis statement/ hypothesis

The hypothesis should clearly state the position you will defend; do not allow the reader to guess.

  1. Conduct a literature review

Literature review helps you to become familiar with your research topic; it helps you to know what information to Image 2present and what not. It is recommended that you use 2-5 reliable sources. An important factor to remember as you learn how to write a research proposal is that, use most recent sources unless otherwise stated by your instructor. In addition, DO NOT rely on internet, make use of books and journals.

  1. Write a summary

Write 2-3 paragraphs of the information you gather in the literature review. The summary should also have the hypothesis and the background information. You must always remember to cite your work; research assignments are focused on building on the already available body of knowledge.

  1. Write the proposal

Use the recommended structure and format.

Due to the slight variations in different fields and institutions, you might need to seek for guidance on how to write a research proposal from your supervisor.

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