How to Write a Research Paper

Research Paper

For successful graduation, you are required to complete a research paper project. As much as writing a research paper gives your instructor an opportunity to assess how well you understand your field and consequently grade you, a research project also gives you an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skill learnt in class. It prepares you for life after school. How then do you write an excellent or impressive research paper?

  1. Choose your topic wisely-

only in a few instances will your supervisor give you a topic to work on. The topic choice should be based on interest, relevance, and feasibility. When a topic is given, choose the most exciting approach.

  1. Understand the objective of your assignment- 

When writing a research paper, will you focus on critical analysis on the topic you have chosen, or will you focus on raising arguments supported by facts?

Write a thesis statement- a thesis statement gives the specifics your research project will focus on.

  1. The sources –

a good research topic that cannot be supported by facts from credible sources will not help you achieve your academic objectives. Sources should include books, journals, interviews, periodicals, etc.

  1. Conduct a literature survey-

a literature review helps you to narrow down your focus in writing a research paper; you will know the knowledge already available and what to add.

  1. Conduct your research-

gather as much information regarding your research topic, making sure that you focus on what is relevant.

  1. Write the research paper-

sometimes students make the mistake of working so hard to find important information on their assignment, only to fail due to poor presentation. Write your paper following the recommended structure and format.

  1. Proofread and edit-

going through your work, eliminating any error that could deny you a high grade.

In the event that you have challenges in writing a research paper, you could request professional assistance from experts.