How to Assess a Research Paper

Research Paper

the hat you must engage the high level of research and writing in research paper writing assignments is not an option.  In writing a research paper, you demonstrate your understanding of your field of specialization, and your ability to utilize knowledge and skills learned in class to provide practical solutions to problems. How then do you know that you have written an outstanding piece?

1)     The content

Research involves understanding different phenomenon following logical, consistent, and coherent procedures in reasoning. The research question must be clearly formulated, and the answers presented should not have inaccuracies or contradictions.

2)     Write creatively

Research paper writing does not merely involve replicating what other researchers have done, it involves the addition of knowledge to the already existing body. It also involves clearly stating and defending your viewpoint.

3)     Research sources

High level research paper writing involves using authoritative and relevant research sources. it also requires students to demonstrate their ability to synthesize the information or knowledge learned in class.

4)     Structure

A research paper that does not follow the recommended structure serves to subtract your points. Understand the introduction, body and conclusion, and subsections in these main parts of the research paper.

5)     Language

Proper English should be used in research paper writing. Use of colloquialism and slang is prohibited in academic writing.

6)     Ability to conduct independent researches

Nothing gives more joy to a supervisor than knowing that you can do conclusive and acceptable researches on your own. You must prove your ability to conduct independent researches on your own.

7)     The format

Different assignments require that you follow specific formats. Follow the guidelines given by your tutor to the letter.

8)     Submitting your work within the given deadlines

Any task given should be completed within a specific time schedule. In the event you wish to submit your research paper writing assignment within the given schedule, communicate to your supervisor.