Homework Writing Help on “The Circle of Mercy Video”

“The Circle of Mercy Video”

            Part 1 and part 2 of “The Circle of Mercy Video” is a brief historical recount of one Catherine McAuley -the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy. Through the video, viewers can discern the philanthropic nature of Catherine (YouTube, 2014). The varied charity gestures she portrays depict a woman of the statue of a saint or something close. The graphical representations in the video show the level of deprivation people had to undergo and the obstinate need for help that Catherine offers. The synchronization of graphical representation of the ancient look of the places that Catherine traversed and the contemporary look of the same places enable viewers to relate to the events (YouTube, 2014). I believe that the video is not just a biography of Catherine but also symbolic of the great works of the Christian ministries.
            According to the video, the people who of Ireland lived around the nineteenth century were stricken with extreme poverty to levels that would trigger philanthropic feelings. As depicted in the graphical representations, Catherine realized the numerous needs of such people. She was determined to make a huge difference with the help of other women of her kind. Catherine had a substantial inheritance to spend (YouTube, 2014). Thus, out of her kindness and pity for the conditions that people were living in, she decided to open the first House of Mercy in Dublin, along the Lower Baggot Street. The video expresses the disparities that occur in the ancient pictorial representation of the house and its modern setup. Viewers can relate the house in its present form to its look in the nineteenth century when Catherine funded its construction.
            As by the historical records, the video approximates the time of construction at around September 24, 1827. The house was built purposefully to offer education and shelter for girls and women who were less privileged in the society. As it appears from the narration in the video, the novel intention of Catherine was to amass Catholic social workers. Her works were so impressive and significantly aided in the continuation of the ministry. Hence, Dublin’s Archbishop advised her to start a spiritual congregation. After three years, the narrator reports that Catherine with her two compatriots became the first Sisters of Mercy (YouTube, 2014).
            The narrator narrates the works of Catherine throughout her lifetime with so much enthusiasm. Ten years after starting her foundation, Catherine meets her fateful death. Nonetheless, the great works of charity she exhibits through the years are not only admirable but also commendable. She established 14 sovereign foundations in England and Ireland (YouTube, 2014).
            The first Sisters of Mercy travelled to United States from Ireland following a special invitation of Pittsburgh’s Bishop. Their vigor in ministering to the poor and the sick had a rippling effect on people who joined their group. They then settled in many parts of American from Ireland, for instance, California, Illinois, and New York City. They built hospitals and schools around the country. The modern settings of these established institutions as shown in the video portray the transformation of the works of Mercy to incorporate social services, health care and education (YouTube, 2014). The video significantly attempts to portray pictures of the events of the nineteenth century and relate them to present events. Though it is not as excellent as one would anticipate, it offers a commendable relation.


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