Homework Writing Help on The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act

The affordable care Act benefits the populace, as it gives them the mandate to benefit from the health care segment. This Act provides a lasting solution to the problem of inaccessibility, and increasing health care cost with minimal or poor outcomes. The act benefits the American people by giving them an advantage and suppleness to make informed decisions about their health (Schmidt, Shelley, Bardes and Ford, 2012). This is amid rising costs in quality healthcare and the need to advance quality healthcare. The act advocated for termination of any discriminatory practices that would deter a person from accessing medical facilities. For example, the conditions that exclude children from accessing health care and keep young adults covered by insurance plans. The impacts of the Affordable Care Act made the young adults of 26 years to be covered by their parents’ health plans (Zamani-Gallaher, 2014). In addition, the insurers will not be able to cancel a clients’ cover after the client makes an honest error. A person can be able to make an appeal in a court of law in case of a denial of payment. With this Act, the citizens of America will be in a position to access preventive care. This has been facilitated   by eliminating cost sharing for all the preventive benefits.

The nurses are entitled to valuable contributing to patients’ wellbeing by ensuring that they give quality services. The Affordable Care Act provides support mechanisms that improve the workplace care. This creates an opportunity viable for nurses’ leadership and makes inquiries, something that improves their delivery of services and builds their personality. The nurse is further mandated to employ best observable, malleable, and scalable services across the entire care setting. Moreover, this is vital as it benefits the patients because there will be minimized errors on the side of the nurses and cases of death or injuries that may cost the lives of the clients will not exist. All nurses will be expected to speak and work together as one, which is important in articulating their views and ensure their opinion’s visibility.


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