Homework Writing Help on Proposal


My summer proposal will offer the opportunity to interact with researchers and other research companies on ecology. This aims at providing experience in an array of areas about how humans relate to the environment for survival. The research program analyzes the relationship between the environment and how lives depend on it. Given a chance, this is an opportunity to look at in depth social and economical benefits of the environment on humans according to Gerald (27). The summer program is designed and implemented using practical ways of gaining knowledge. It is a combination of plenary session, one on one reviews and group discussion on various tasks. A team of experienced mentors and other special representatives will be participating. These will include students undertaking doctoral degree on the same, while others will be representatives from leading research companies who will be supporting the process (Annie 14).

Intended Impact

This will be an opportune experience during which I can utilize world class research facilities. With combined methods of knowledge acquisition, I will be like a real researcher. Furthermore, my communication skills will be enhanced during the mentorship with a variety of activities. This is an opportunity that will encourage me to consider research as a career after the interaction. The summer program will foster growth and room for consideration in future research engagements (Annie 21).

Plan of work

Prior to the commencement of the program, I will meet my advisor for an introduction and start the initial plan. Students will be introduced and assigned advisors during initial planning. The advisor role is to inform all participants of the expected outcome by the end of the process. On arrival, all participants will be taken through orientation process with tasks being assigned immediately. A presentation competition will be held and an expert panel deciding on a winner. These sessions are an attraction to many companies looking out for their apprentice, as there is a wide pool to source from. Other informal interactions include outdoor leisure programs and other free time optional activities (Annie 21).

Budget and timeline

A package will be emailed containing the overview of the program and expectations after being accepted. Details included are travel dates and joint arrangements, the contact persons for the program and accommodation and meal arrangements. The financial overview is that stipend, travel and accommodation will be provided for participating students. Weekly stipend of $600 will be provided. Travel cost will be $400 while meals and accommodation will be available within the institution. Further instruction will be attached to the package that covers safety and general mission (Annie 34).

Summary of work completed

Project description

My past research has been on climate change. This research was meant to highlight how complex human activities have become. Both biological and scientific features were considered during the research. The purpose of the research was to find ways of promoting social science and natural science for sustainable development according to Emilio (53).

Task 1: To analyze theories of natural science and compare them to social science theories and find commonalities among the identified theories.

Work completed: Two theories have been identified for both social and natural science.

Work remaining: To find commonalities between the two theories and provide recommendations on how humans can adopt to the natural environment for sustainable growth.

Overall appraisal to date: I have so far been rated as up to date by the professor.

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