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Is everybody able to visit a Wal-Mart?

Not everybody is able to visit Wal-Mart or a bank branch; however, Wal-Mart’s services are outstanding. Wal-Mart is a key player in areas of consumer finance, and the services they offer include bill payments, cash transfer, and pre-paid debit card services. Wal-Mart offers discounts to clients and also possesses warehouses across the United States. The retailer deals in supercenters, merchandise, cash and carry, clothes stores, soft discount restaurants, foods, and drugs. The corporation has employed over two million workers, making it the world’s largest retailer. The corporation has installed a private satellite, which facilitates the tracking of sales and inventory (Fishman, 2010). The satellite also facilitates communication among the various stores. The corporation has managed to open overseas stores in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and the United Kingdom.

The corporation has also participated in community activities. In the year 2005, the corporation offered great assistance to individuals who were affected by the Katrina Hurricane. The corporation is also seeking a means of reducing environment pollution by limiting the amount of green house gases that its operations emit into the atmosphere and also using the most efficient sources of energy in its operations. The stores offer services such as WI-FI internet access and its employees are also customer friendly. In 2014, the corporation enabled its customers to save $336 billion by implementing the price reduction policy (Pearce & Robinson, 2013).  The corporation also adopted a program in the year 2011 of improving the nutritional value of its products by minimizing the sugar and salt contents in their products. It also introduced a new system where its clients would now be in a position to order for household supplies, including toiletries and foodstuff, through the corporation’s website; it also offers the delivery services. It is no doubt that Wal-Mart offers a high level of customer services, which has given it a competitive advantage over its competitors.


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