Homework Writing Help on Milieu Teaching

Milieu Teaching

Answer 1: Milieu teaching involves influencing, or positioning stimuli in a child’s natural environment to establish a targeted behavior, and normally target children with disabilities, such as autism. Milieu teaching follows child’s lead because its approach involves waiting for the child to instigate teaching experiences through signaling or indicating interest in a particular activity or object (Lim, 2011). For instance, a teacher may place a doll at the vicinity of a child to encourage the child to request for the doll. Requesting for a doll is what is termed as the desired target behavior. This approach of teaching incorporates strategies that include modeling, mand-model, and time-delay, which are assimilated into children’s natural environment. The model procedure is utilized when the teacher discovers that the child is slow in grasping new verbal skills while the mand procedure is exercised when a child has a problem in mastering learned language promptly. The time-delay process is utilized after ensuring that the child is capable of responding to both modeling and mand procedure.

Answer 2: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has been utilized in managing socially significant behaviors, and usually involves thorough application of interventions that occur in everyday situations in children. According to Lim (2011), milieu teaching usually embraces applied behavior analysis to direct the adopted naturalistic methods using objects that children regard. In this approach, the teacher introduces some objects around the child’s environment while the child chooses the stimuli from a range of objects offered by the teacher. ABA is a naturalistic method of teaching that guides children to learn without much assistance. Naturalistic methods utilize models that assist children to study concepts with ease. Milieu teaching is expected to transform children’s behavior according to the teacher’s target, and ABA is fundamental in this approach as it helps teachers to assess children’s behavior for progress.


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