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MBA Course

Most intellectuals share a common goal, which is to work continuously and tirelessly to explore nature’s limits by exceeding expectations. The stride towards the achievement of this objective is impracticable without a proper educational background. Personally, I have not had enough educational experience that would qualify me to join the league of thoroughbred intellectuals. This forms the basis for my interest in furthering my education by studying an MBA course.

Drawing from my previous educational experiences, I believe that through studying an MBA course, I will have the opportunity of interacting with new people particularly in my engineering profession to achieve trust, honesty, and success, which are every person’s dreams. Although I have what it takes in terms of educational experience to walk tall in the engineering profession, I believe I am short of innovative ideas and skills that can only be sharpened by studying an MBA course. Just to mention, I pursued an Engineering Business Management course at Greenwich University in the UK in 2014. I am also a proud holder of Advance Diploma in Engineering and Diploma of Engineering both from the University of Swinburne in Australia acquired in 2009 and 2008 respectively. I attended Jassim bin Hammed Secondary School in 2002 in Doha.

The need to satisfy intellectual curiosity is also a principal reason for me studying an MBA course. Despite my professional and work experience, I believe there is a lot more needed of me in the delivery of professional services, and thus studying an MBA course is not only the perfect option for me, but the only option for me. The experience gained during my tenure as an Operator at Qatar Electricity, and Water Company (2000-2005), Operation Supervisor (2005-2006) and Planning Department Supervisor (2009-2010) in the same company can be enhanced. Currently, I am an Operation Engineer of Facilities Management Department at the same organization, and this cannot be a hindrance to my desire to study an MBA course. I believe an MBA course would be the best choice to nurture my love and others’ love for the engineering profession. I also feel that the course would make my potential limitless.