Homework Writing Help on Lost in Translation

Journal 9

By ‘Global Souls’, Ire means a person who is uprooted and, thus, finds it difficult to have one nationality; this makes him or her live a life often as a tourist by moving from country to another. This is a meaningful category because it reflects marginalization of cultures through ideas raised in those cultures, loss of reality, and shift in identities that the modern world has to offer to the cultures; postmodernism. It is structured as collective essay, which are, ‘Jet Lag, ‘Shopping Malls’ and ‘Search for Home.’ The books involves most of travelling and from the series chapters it features, the highly introspective opinion of Iyer portrays his person hood. The book begins with a burning house in California in an airport life then to an ‘alien home’ in Japan. This is to show the real truths that the global world has as it offers to marginalized cultures.

The house signifies a symbol of being free from owning possessions. The airport signifies the zone of convenience where people are exposed internationally. The ‘alien home’ in Japan signifies the comfort and welcoming hands that an outsider can get from an alien country. The film “Lost in Translation” adopts a structure that reflects independence in the process of conveying the message in a dramatic way (Mones, 1998). Some repeating patterns include use of imagery, silence, and musical elements. In comparison with moments that seem singular, which include the differences that arise between Charlotte and Bob making them dissatisfied with each other, these structures make the film to develop some comedy features in conveying the message.

 Postmodernism refers to modern interpretations that people have has on culture, art, history and literature. These structures put a romantic mood in the comedy showing the possible post modernism that the global world of today has impacted on people. Iyer, by postmodernism means the possible shifts in life one would make due to modernism. Such a world is characterized by restlessness, dizziness, and alienation (Iyer, 2001). He suggests that it results from behavior patterns, which is not correct as a search for happy life causes it. Magic realism involves parties, not real playing in a real environment. It is a powerful explanatory device for “Global Soul” because it features citizens who have no home exploring the world full time to find happiness. Culture and locality in ‘Global Soul’ function as the determinants of the behavior that a person develops.


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