Homework Writing Help on Life in the US Universities

Life in the US universities

University is a complete social experience as evident in American movie like ivory towers and animal house .In the campus as an international student I had a lot to see and do. Learning is the main reason for being at the university, other life styles do not miss to exist. Getting used to the new environment is an issue at glance and also the whole adaptation process.  In the new place, I had to see and learn how to participate in varies student affairs including games, fraternities, and life style. Most of the events and organizations were fascinating and unique.

Rule and regulation are also put in place to govern student behaviors. In animal house rule are bend by Delta Tau group and their motto is to party. This raises alarm leading to the plan of expulsion by Wormer. Practical programs are also part of the co-curriculum activities in the compass to enhance real life experience in relation to the field one is undertaking. Student groups are formed and provide unpaid community services. Conversations in the compass are concise. Equality is an important aspect as students are all given equal privileges.

In the university, everybody is allowed to undertake religious practices according to the place he or she comes from. Cost of the universities is also a crucial area to look at like in Ivory Towers film, free to paid tuition in Manhattan college lead to chaos and crisis. Like every citizen of a nation, Americans are proud of their country and are welcoming. The students like games and mainly participate in American football.

In spite of the good relations between the students and the management, universities also experience hardship in cultural and social life. The students sometimes act and respond in a peculiar manner distinguishing their group from other people. Apart from a few inconveniences from some of the students, American universities are well developed for worldwide students.