Homework Writing Help on Learned Experience from a Story in my Life

Learned Experience from a Story in my Life

Never Lose Hope

            I was born in a less fortunate family in a little known town called Norte. My mother, brother, and I lived in a small unfinished house made of bamboo, whereas my father had travelled to another city in the United States and worked as a casual labourer. He was so determined to save enough money for us to go to and join him in the United States in the future. It was a dream that seemed impossible from the little income that he earned as a part-time dish washer and cleaner. I was seven years old when our father travelled to the United States and I have never seen him again.

            Life in the plains in Philippines was difficult; we never got enough to eat, leave alone meet other basic needs such as the clothing and education. At age 10, I could see the struggles that my mother went through, and I started helping her with some home chores. I used to look after my younger brother and prepare meals whenever our mother was out in the field. At times, I had to sneak out to go and sell sea shells with other children in order to supplement income for the family. The money that I got was used for emergency purposes when my mother had not been paid.

            However, at 15 years, nothing much had changed in our lives, apart from the fact that I was now a recognized fisherman. Nevertheless, one day as I was fishing, I saw a face that I had longed to see for a long time now. At first, I thought that I was day-dreaming, but it was the reality: my father was back to take us with him to the U.S.A. I have never forgotten all the experiences that I went through without losing hope and having faith that one day, everything would be fine.