Homework Writing Help on Korean Ethnicity

Korean Ethnicity

Jimin is an Asian girl, born and brought up in South Korea. The country host several racial groups, thus, racism is not a new experience in South Korea. Jimin lives with her parents, who belong to a middle class, as their earning is slightly above what they spend. Most of Koreans belong to this class, which also separates other races. Jimin is a devout Christian, a religion that her parents profess. Christianity is the most popular religion in South Korea.

When Jimin’s parents realized that she had developed an interest of playing piano, they enrolled her to piano training, and since then, she has become proficient on the keyboard. Her parents demand the best from her and they are doing all they can to support her education. Hence, her parents are very cautious about the people she should interact with during her studies. Her interest in piano resulted to love for jazz music. During her free time, Jimin prefers to watch movies, rather than going for entertainment joints, as her parents have warned her of irresponsible behavior. Parent would prefer their daughters to remain indoors, or visit specific friends, who they perceive to be in the same social class.

Although Koreans do not take the issue of racism as serious as in the US, many Koreans do not mingle with African-Americans due to their dark color. Jimin’s parents have always been strict to her and her sister, as they want them to grow into responsible women in their Asian community. They have put a curfew to her so that she can concentrate on books. Jimin is likely to mingle with African-Americans, who work in South Korea as teachers and technology experts. Despite her parents’ harshness, Jimin has a boyfriend, who she plans to marry anytime, as she has already attained the average age that women get married in Korea.