Homework Writing Help on Interviews and Selection Processes

Interviews and selection processes

Interviews and selection processes of job applicants are essential parts in an organization because they help in employing only those applicants that fully meet the requirements of the vacant jobs (Williams, 2011). The job applicants are evaluated to determine their suitability in the positions they hold. When I was selected to work in the USAF, evaluation methods that I was subjected to included intelligence and cognitive test. The test measures the applicant’s capacity of learning, the ability to reason verbally as well as comprehension. I was also evaluated using the test of achievement, which measures the level of an applicant’s knowledge within scholastic skills and subjects learnt in school. However, these methods were associated with biasness, where people were not treated equally based on their qualifications; females were favored. Another problem is the few evaluators that were evaluating the many applicants. I would suggest that the company invests more in the evaluation sector through employing more employees to carry out the evaluation of job applicants. I would also suggest that both the males and the females to be treated equally to create a good reputation in the future.

Conducting a background investigation for a job is significant because it helps an applicant to identify the requirements needed. With the requirements, an applicant will compare his qualifications with those needed to occupy a certain job (Gatewood, Feild & Barrick, 2011). The intelligence and cognitive test as well as the achievement test are reliable and valid because they are the key foundation of the performance of the applicant. They are the main elements in the capabilities of the applicant, which determine the performance to be realized. Other factors just complement them.  Metrics used to evaluate costs, selection, acceptance and yield rate include profitability, number of vacant job positions, qualifications and number of customers served respectively (Montana & Charnov, 2008). I would recommend to my organization to add more methods of evaluating job applicants to ensure that thorough screening is done. To implement the recommendation, the management will have to factor in some extra costs, which may not be available. The organization may risk its financial status through factoring in these costs. For instance, an organization may put more efforts in evaluating job applicants but due to financial constraints, it could neglect other significant areas.


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