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Human Resources Training

Wyndmoor Retirement Community consists of various departments running independently, but all are dependent on the administration department. This being the case, I was able to experience all departments’ operations in my attachment at the facility’s administration department, where my responsibility involved addressing the various issues of all other departments. There was a suggestion that the human resources department be introduced to handle personnel issues from the clients, the staff, and the management. A human resources department is vital in any organization; in fact, all departments can be run through the human resources office since it entails dealing with all human aspects, including hiring or firing of employees and handling their salary and wage issues, discipline, and public relations. The management, having been sensitized on the issues, decided to hire an external human resources consultant to come and explain to the facility’s employees on the need for its introduction and the expected benefits or implications for the facility and employees. The entire team was to be sensitized on the issue but some of the administration’s department staff were to be trained to occupy the new office before funds could be available to hire human resources experts.

Training Program

Time Topic
8.30 am – 11.10 am Human resources in the facility
11.10 am – 11.30 am Break time
11. 45 am – 1.00 pm How human resources departments affect other departments
1.00 pm – 2.00 pm Lunch Break
2.15 – 3.30 pm Administration staff training on HR
3.35 Pm – 4.00 pm Discussions and Questions
4.00pm – 4.15 pm Conclusions/vote of thanks

A view of the Training Program


Though the facility had organized for other training sessions, this training was unique in its focus and intensity. It was scheduled on a Friday after consultations among the departmental heads. This was so because some schedules had to be rearranged to facilitate the attendance of all employees. The elderly people were informed of the busy day ahead and were shown what to do on the material day.


The consultants had materials that were standardized since they could be taught in any department that needed human resource seminars. It was structured to cater for all the participants’ needs.


The structure of the training enabled the sequence to flow smoothly; each of the participants was aware of the events of the day and their time and duration.

Transfer of training

The training was designed to pass human resource insights to the participants and equip them with basic skills in human resources.

Methods of instructions deployed

The consultants applied discussion, participation, as well as questionnaires to issue the instructions and teach the human resource basics.

Active participation

Given the training in a new field, the participants actively participated in the program by engaging in the discussions and questionnaire.

 Ice breaker

There was no opening exercise and the trainers arrived on time to commence the sessions,. They tried to challenge the participants to differentiate human resources and administration.


Questionnaires were used to evaluate the training program’s success – whether the participants had understood what had been taught. The evaluation was in accordance with Kirkpatrick’s model levels, with the first level measuring the reaction of the learner through the questionnaire and level two measuring the actual learning through discussions, questionnaires, and brainstorming. The third level could not be applied immediately, while the fourth level was to apply after it was incorporated into the facility’s operations.

Frequency of Training

This was the first time the training was being conducted, and further training was necessary to ensure that employees understood the principles.

Improving the Program

As a new program, the sessions were sufficient and did not require improvements immediately. The reception was positive and it was understood that the sessions had to be implemented first to verify the actual impact on the organization. The introduction of new topics in HR and constant training would help the participants to understand fully the new area.