Homework Writing Help on Futile Treatment

Futile Treatment

Futile treatment is a treatment that has less than a ten percent (10%) chance of success. The treatment provides no possibility of meaningful prolongation of survival. This paper discusses the ethical dilemma faced by health providers.

Ethical dilemmas faced by health providers include; informing the Patient on futility of treatment early or late in their diagnosis and withdrawing or withholding treatments from terminally ill patients. Withdrawing treatment early prevents further suffering. It attaches a feeling of responsibility and culpability for the death. In addition, the other ethical dilemma involves making decision on whether to use the most current evidence available to decide plans for the best outcome or take into account the background of the patient and their relatives (Reynolds, Cooper &Mc Kneally, 2007).

There are several ethical principles applied to identify appropriate decision when conflict arises. They include; Beneficence, non-maleficience, autonomy, and justice. The practice of beneficence encourages continuing treatment by trying new things not stopping old treatments. The non-maleficience is the use of oneself as a therapeutic agent by integrating and empathizing with the patient and their families. It alleviates fear, provide reassurance and provide the necessary information in an attempt to relieve suffering. In addition,in autonomy,doctors take chance to do what they think best. They withhold treatment to attach a feeling of responsibility and culpability for the death (Kasman, 2004).

In conclusion, the last principle applied is Justice.The principle of justice encourages adequate preparation beforehand. Advanced care directives documented and a durable power of attorney arranged before the condition of the patient declines.­­­­­­­­­­­­­It relieves the career from a ‘ patient support system’ by creating enough time to interacts with friends, playing sports and pursuing his career.­­­­­­­­­


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