Homework Writing Help on Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Fair trade is experienced when the producers have a common agreement with the consumers in market terms; fairness is characterized where free choice is made.  Fair trade, unlike free trade, focuses on creating as much equity in the global trading structure as possible. The products that are demanded by the consumers are provided by the producers. In the fair trade perspective, the consumers are concerned about the environment and the human factors that have been used in production of the commodities. Consumers call for environmentally friendly products that do not corrupt the environment. The production process should not involve procedures that degrade man; for example, consumers do not support forced labour and employment of underage people.

             Fair trade arises from the emergence of new technologies, expansion of trade, and the increased interactions between the government, people, and companies. Also, the growth of markets for agricultural merchandise, manufactured commodities, and artisan products has made it possible to have consumers’ goods from the emergent countries get into the developed countries. Fair trade operates under the following principles;

  1. Provision of quality products at a fair price
  2. Environmental costs of production must be incorporated in the price of the product and producers must ensure they eliminate environmental degrading products.
  3. Producers must ensure that they control the well being of the communities who live in the areas they are carrying out their production
  4. The relationship between producer and consumer is enhanced through elimination of middlemen

Fair trade in general comes out as strategy that is used to benefit those who are less powerful, even though practically, the opposite usually happens. The more powerful economically, who tend to be the consumers, exploit the less powerful, who are the producers.