Homework Writing Help on Failed Systems Projects

Failed Systems Projects

Technological advancement and global economic growth has been accompanied by the cropping up of a number of projects worldwide. The main objective of projects has been profitability though some projects never work out. Thus, when creating a new system or project, it is important to learn what not to do during the development of the system or project. Focusing on project failure, some of the global projects that have previously failed include the Christmas Blunderland of the UK, Sinking of the RMS Tayleur (Titanic) and the British Home Office.

Common Issue

Although the projects were different and meant for various purposes, a common issue is evident in the three projects. Lack of responsibility is the common issue behind the failure of the projects (Why do projects fail, 2014). Individuals behind the development of any project should be responsible. This allows for the smooth and effective running of operations. However, if the aspect is absent, conflicts or disagreements could crop up hence leading to failure of projects.

Unique or different issues

Notably, apart from lack of responsibility, other issues led to the failure of the above-mentioned projects. The sinking of the RMS Tayleur (Titanic) can be attributed to lack of due diligence by those overseeing the project, lack of training for the ship crew, poor quality work and lack of risk management among other factors (Why do projects fail, 2014). The failure of the Christmas Blunderland project in the UK was due to poorly managed expectations, lack of quality control and false advertising (Why do projects fail, 2014). Subsequently, the British Home Office project failed due to lack of control of procurements, failure to establish appropriate benchmarks and failure to define and stabilize requirements (Why do projects fail, 2014).

Fixing the issues in RMS Tayleur

 Proper training of the crew controlling the ship and doing appropriate tests before sailing the vessel would have prevented the failure of the project.


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