Homework Writing Help on Evidence for Practice

Evidence for Practice

Van Achtenberg, T., Schoonhoven, L., & Grol, R. (2008). Nursing Implementation Science: How Evidence-Based Nursing Requires Evidence-Based Implementation. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 40(4), 302-310. doi:10.1111/j.1547-5069.2008.00243.x

The type of research used is qualitative research. Examples of qualitative research are observations and focus groups. Evidence collected from these studies is of high quality. For instance, for the case of hand hygiene, studies indicated that the use of education does not contribute to health workers complying with hand-hygiene prescriptions, while the use of improved facilities and products may contribute to health workers complying with hand hygiene prescriptions.

The level that I would assign to this study is basic research on learning. Examples of this level of research include field observations. This is evident in this study because an observation was used to determine nursing and medical care. Additionally, interviews were conducted among nurses and physicians to assess the feasibility of a new community based intervention program. I would integrate the evidence into practice at an individual perspective by ensuring that I strictly comply with hand-hygiene prescriptions to ensure the safety of patients. From the institutional perspective, I would create awareness to other physicians and nurses on the significance of ensuring that they promote the safety of patients in health facilities. I would also provide nurses and physicians with the findings of the study to show them that there is need to implement some of these programs and strictly comply with its prescriptions. I would assess the effectiveness of the practice change through using the observation methods. This is whereby I would visits health facilities to find out whether nurses and physicians have implemented the practice.

Chan, C., & Perry, L. (2012). Lifestyle health promotion interventions for the nursing workforce: a systematic review. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 21(15-16), 2247-2261. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2702.2012.04213.x

The type of research used in this article is qualitative research. This relies on the fact that the main approach of study was case studies. Additionally, electronic databases were also used as search strategies. The results of this study were of high quality. For instance, nurses complained that the introduction of treadmill in wards made it difficult for nurses to access exercise facilities. I would assign this study to the first level of research known as a level of basic research on learning. This is because the methods used to carry out this study bets fit in this level.  From an individual perspective, I would integrate the evidence into practice by ensuring that nurses do exercises while at their places of work. I would counsel those who smoke and help them understand health risks related with smoking.

At an institutional level, I would create awareness to all nurses and health workers about the benefits of doing exercises. The institution should also make sure that the necessary facilities are made available. Furthermore, individual discipline should also be promoted because if an individual is aware that a specific factor is dangerous to the health of a human being, then he should avoid it. The institution should also conduct an induction process whereby nurse leaders should be aware that they have a key responsibility to play in spearheading and developing programs that promote good health.  I would assess the effectiveness of practice change by carrying out a separate study to find out whether the practices were put into practice.