Homework Writing Help on Essentials of Corporate Finance

Weekly Summary 1

There are many lessons learned from reading Ross, Westerfield, and Jordan’s book, Essentials of Corporate Finance. The sole aim of the book is to underline the modern essentials of finance theory. In Chapters 1, 2 and 3, the authors portray corporate financing to be a result of small, powerful, and integrated institutions, omitting the possibility of having a collection of topics that are unrelated. The authors have presented corporate financing as emerging from other conjoined factors, approaches, and methodologies. The team manages to make this agenda their priority, availing clear, accessible, and in-depth material that serves as an excellent teaching tool.

Chapter 1 focuses on introducing financial management to the reader; it merges the four basic areas of finance: corporate finance, investments, financial institutions, and international finance, which are well-presented. It also makes the reader aware of the different forms of business organizations and the goals of financial management, corporation control, and the financial market. Chapter 2 gives the reader a clear understanding of financial statements and cash flows. The authors have provided clear, contemporary examples of balance sheets, income statements, and different factors, formulae, and procedural approaches that form the basis of taxes and cash flow. Such enormous contribution lessons cannot be overlooked.

Lastly, Chapter 3 makes it possible for the reader to apply the accrued knowledge and information on financial statements and comfortably work with them. There are procedural approaches to using financial statement information, working with standardized financial statements, ratio analysis, DuPont identity, and the different ways of identifying and capturing internal and sustainable growth. They equip the reader with necessary skills, knowledge, and exposure that is instrumental in real life use, especially in the corporate world, where such skills are required greatly.

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