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Dismissal Appeal Essay

Dear (Insert appropriate title)


  1. Factors That Contributed To My Performance

I joined the Northeastern University with an ambition of graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Science and Business Administration. I had a coherent dream of pursuing my studies and use the acquired skills to aid sustainability in the society. I vividly recall my admission essay that I wrote when I joined the Northeastern University. All my life, I wished to join the institution and benefit from it as it has produced a lot of important and respectable people in the society. It is true that this dream can only be achieved by completing the course and attaining good grades. However, my dream was interrupted by my performance in class affecting my GPA, which were lower than 2.0. I know very clearly that poor performance is not condoned in the institution and it is a serious offence. I am very remorseful as I write this essay to explain the reasons that led to my poor performance and my plans to rekindle it. Therefore, this letter outlines the factors that contributed to my poor performance and how I intend to improve my grades in future.

To start with, I chose my majors without guidance and requisite information about course selection. I chose to study combined majors of Information Science and Business Administration. Once I was admitted and I started attending classes, I realized that I had no interest in information science and it did not match my career ambitions. Since I had a negative attitude towards the course, I put little effort in it. Later, I realized that Information Science was causing my performance to drop and it started affecting me emotionally. I sought advice from my parents and they encouraged me to pursue whatever I am passionate about. That is when I switched to a Business major. I struggled for the two semesters that I was doing the combined majors in business administration and information science since some of the course work was quite challenging. As a result, my GPA was lower than 2.0; hence, I was placed on probation. I was also entitled to a career advisor who saw me through with guidance and counseling classes. I realized that communication study was the major that would suit me best because I am a social person. I like planning events and engaging in working groups in class. It is quite clear that the wrong choice of majors contributed to my poor performance.

Secondly, the study style contributed to my performance problem. My reading style in Northeastern University affected my performance in a number of ways. First, at Suffolk University where I was before joining Northeaster University, there was a lot of mechanisms aimed at improving students’ grades. They gave a lot of homework, continuous assessments, presentations, and regular exams. The regular assessments enhanced concentration and allowed seeking clarity after learning in class. I do not mean that it does not happen in Northeastern; it is only that it is not consistent.  I also have to admit that lack of much work contributed to laxity on my side, hence the poor performance.

The third factor can be described as a social factor that involved external pressure in my social life. It is every student’s dream to have uninterrupted reading time and peace of mind during class time. In my case, the two semesters have been full of external pressure that disoriented my studies and performance. First, I have to work to sustain my stay as a student. I had two jobs – one in school and another part-time job outside the school. My study time was consumed and I had an emotional imbalance due to this stress. This affected my studies where I failed in my first semester examination, leading to an end to my financial aid and my scholarship. In the second semester I quit my school job, increasing the financial burden on the parents. My financial situation has remained the huge hindrance to my studies since I am paying full tuition for the semester. At the moment, I am planning on how to acquire more work to pay for my next semester. It has really been challenging to work as I study because I have limited time and consistent mental imbalance. It has also been hard to express myself to my parents because of the financial pressure that I am mounting on them. However, I have strategized on how to handle the situation if admitted back to the university.

  1. Plan To Improve My Performance

The above mentioned factors have been the major hindrance to my academic success for the past two semesters. I have managed to come up with a detailed plan of how I will improve my academic performance if reinstated. The most fundamental thing that I realized is improving my attitude and self-realization. Since I have chosen communication studies, which is my area of interest, I believe that I am going to be very positive in my academic work. On self-realization, it involves individual analysis to identify my strength and weaknesses. Secondly, I have to improve on my studying style. I can blame the institution for their system, but that will not help in my academic excellence. I have realized that the reading style is an individual decision that a person makes and ensures that it is effective. With the eminent use of the internet, I will source for study material online. I will source for class materials and assessments that I will rely on, with the tutors to help with improving my grade. Similarly, I am a social person and I can seek help from my fellow students.

Another important factor is time management and arranging my schedule. Although I work after school to finance my fees, I need to squeeze time for my studies. The first step will involve coming up with a timetable that allocates each event a specific time frame. I am a full-time student and it is very clear that study is the first priority in my life for now. Therefore, I have to work hard and look for enough time to study. I have also decided to take three communication classes at the college of professional study. I do not want to waste any time without studying; hence, I have joined the college. I will submit my performance at the end of the semester as evidence that I am working towards academic excellence. I will also keep my family close for advice and spiritual nourishment. This will aid in relieving the emotional imbalance that arises when I am in session. I will also be visiting the guidance and counseling department to get help and guidance.

  1. Additional Information

I hereby request the university fraternity to kindly reconsider their decision and reinstate me back to school because it is the only option I have to better my life. I am still geared to quenching my education thirst at Northeastern University. This is with knowledge and understanding of the institution’s high levels in education, technology, and their move to help humanity achieve sustainable lives. I wished to be part of this fraternity and Northeastern University gave me the right platform to acquire wings and propel myself academically. It is a nice opportunity that I would not want to slip away because of a mistake that I can rectify. I strongly believe in a second chance because I can utilize it to work towards exploiting my full potential.

The moment I was sent to probation and to the career advisor, there was much change in me intrinsically. I realized that everything is possible if an individual has the right attitude. It aids in giving a person the right momentum towards working to achieve his goals and objectives. Similarly, after switching to communication major my grades have improved drastically and my level of participation in class work is equally good. When I look back at my family right now, I burst into tears because they are dependent on my education; when this unfortunate incident occurs, their hopes are dashed.  However, I believe that if I get another chance there will be no more mistakes, I have learnt through my own experience and I would wish to prove myself worth again. It is my sincere wish that the outlined factors will be a thing of the past that will not shift my focus from my goals and objectives. I am very remorseful and ready to rise again and achieve academic excellence. I, therefore, kindly request the university fraternity to reconsider their decision and reinstate me back to my dream institution. I am ready to work by the institution’s rules and regulations. I am praying and hoping that my sincere plea will be put into consideration and enable me to continue with my education.

Thank you.