Homework Writing Help on Customer Service

Customer Service

The success of any business depends on its customer base that relies on the satisfaction with goods and services that organizations offer to make loyalty stance. Businesses often do their best in ensuring that they retain their clients by directly handling their complaints promptly and diligently (Cook, 2011). Therefore, quality products and services are essential elements of customer retention from which the business reaps its long-term benefits. The business has no option but to work around strategies that can enable them solve customer problems in a satisfactory manner (Cook, 2011). The modern business dynamics depict the customer as the “king” considering the impact of their attitude in the products and services that businesses offer.


            Consider a customer throwing a product on your counter and says, “I want my money back now!” He attacks your personal integrity, and you can feel your anger ready to erupt. The customer says, “I’ll never do business with you again!”


            The above scenario is one that reveals the extent to which the customer has experienced a series of disappointments for the product that your business offers. It clearly seems that the client has raised his/her displeasure several times and the company has failed to address problems. He seems disgusted and tired of more frustrations that he foresees in the enterprise products. He wants to prove this by returning the actual product so that the provider can actually feel and experience whatever aspect of the product that he does not tolerate anymore. He feels that the product is not worth the money he used in its exchange, and thus the ultimatum for his money back.

Ways to Handle the Problem

            This is the time to take charge of the problem and assure the customer that you are concerned (Gibson, 2012). Ask him what happened, listen to him carefully, and explore alternative ways of solving the problem, if available. For example, in the above case, you could give him another product of good quality to prove to him that not all the goods are bad. The customer is the king, and the provider must apply sobriety and make things right. You should plead with the client to come down and assure him/her that the problem will not be repeated (Gibson, 2012). If the client continues to create a scene, you should ask him/her for a private talk. All that he/she needs is someone who is concerned and empathetic enough to restore his/her confidence in the business.


`           The business should employ frequent communication culture to help it follow up with customers on their experience with the product, and ask them if at all they are satisfied (Gibson, 2012). This will assist the business make proactive adjustments in terms of quality following customers’ compliments. In addition, the company should establish a two-way traffic communication channels that will allow asking questions, and expression of complaints from the customers, for example, suggestion boxes, and respond appropriately (Cook, 2011). The organization should embrace special celebrations with clients where the organization interacts with its clients and discover their likes and dislikes about service delivery and product quality. Out of these special occasions, the business will realize its strengths and weaknesses and make proactive adjustments against its competitors. Moreover, the business should enhance customer service and adopt proactive measures of handling customer complaints (Cook, 2011). This way, its clients will know where and appropriate means of channeling their displeasure to avoid such ugly situations as in the above case.

            In conclusion, customer retention is vital to the successful performance of the business, and the providers must strive to handle customer complaints in the most fruitful manner that turns complaints into opportunities.


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