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            Personally, I do agree that youth unemployment is global issue that affects the young generation considering the fact that I am one of them. Many of us young people lack jobs despite having quality education levels such as degrees (Greenblatt, “Youth Unemployment”). My cousin currently has a degree in business administration but has been struggling to get a job ever since he graduated from the university. Looking at him and other colleagues of mine, I too know that after completing my education I have the same problem of job hunting. The lack of unemployment among us has led to indulgence of various negative behaviors in the society. Some of the vices the youth indulge in that I have personally experienced in my home locality include: drug abuse, early teenage pregnancies as a result of irresponsible sexual behaviors and theft among others. The young people indulge in these behaviors because they lack jobs and most of the time they are idle.

            I do believe that both the government and the youths themselves can be able to address this unemployment issue. The government can be able to significantly reduce this issue by developing apprentice and vocational programs that enhances skill development among the youth. Through these programs, the government will be able to impart skills in high school and college graduates to be mechanics, electricians, chefs, carpenters or machinists among others. On the other hand, we the youths should be able invest in our own businesses. This means that I after completing my education, I should be able to apply the knowledge gained from the learning institution to start my own business. I also do believe that a profound collaboration between employers, educators, governments and community would aid in successful skill building among us. As such, the youth would be able to positively contribute in the building of a nation through economic growth.  

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