Homework Writing Help on Child Care Policy

Child Care Policy

Childcare in the recent past has been an area of great focus due to its sensitivity. Children are the future of the humankind. The state governments have heavily invested in programs that are geared at assisting parents with the required heath resources to address their children’s need. Most government and state agencies are also funding organizations that are running childcare programs. The childcare programs are mainly focused at ensuring the safety and health of the children. The development of the child health care policy will therefore enhance the push for better child health care.

Development of the Child Health Care Policy

The development of the child health care policy initializes with extensive research being carried out on the child health care programs including; immunization, breastfeeding, disease control and respiratory infections. The policy should promote the breastfeeding promotion programs and the education programs on child healthcare. A health care policy is composed of the training materials, circulars and directives and the planning documents (Pierson, Karoly, Zellman, & Beckett, 2014). There is a great need for the development of a holistic and unified child health care policy since most countries lacks a comprehensive child health care policy.

The development of the childcare policy has some drawbacks which includes health care priorities, inadequate human resource, poor health care services and lack of intervention programs by the community. It is due to this reason that these factors must be put into consideration in the development of a child care policy. The development of the child care policy is aimed at providing direction on the long term child health care programs. The policy development process takes three phases, which includes the situation analysis, document development, and the adoption of the documents developed phase.


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