Homework Question on Causes of Revolutionary War

Homework Question on Causes of Revolutionary War

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  • Prompt: (Remember to ONLY ANSWER ONE of the questions)
  1. What were some of the main things that caused the Revolutionary War? List and explain how each played a part in the Americans declaring independence.
  2. How were the revolutionaries able to defeat the greatest military power in the world? (What were the key things that allowed this?)
  3. Here is the link to the video:http://www.filedropper.com/2americathestoryofuss01e02revolutionchienghr-hdtvaac1024x576x264-yyets_1

Homework Answer on Causes of Revolutionary War

Revolutionary war is the American Revolution that took place from 1775 to1783 and led to the independence of United States. Agitated by intolerable acts by the British government such as high taxation through agents, the battle of Concord, and the Boston Tea party. The colonists fought with the British solders until they were supported by France in 1778 and eventually the British government surrendered in 1781, although, the fight officially ended in 1783.


The French-Indian war (1756) was too expensive for Britain that it was forced to borrow a lot of money. As a strategy to settle its debts, it imposed heavy taxes on its colonies through enactment of Stamp Act and Townshend Act. The Americans were angry as they were being taxed by a distant government through agents and protested through escalations, boycotting goods and culminating in Boston massacre (1770).

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The Battle of Concord

The creation of the continental congress for the first time, whose intent was to present grievances to England with no severe ties in the country, really agitated for change. Later, the Congress determined that they were able to tax, rules themselves, and therefore decided to form their own leadership and militia. When the British went to Concord to arrest the rebel leaders, they were engaged in war, which later led to independence.