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Thought Piseic

In this essay, I will examine how the author handled his/her assignment. Essentially, this will include an examination of what I liked and what I did not like in the assignment and thus explain what worked and what did not work.

What I liked is the introductory question of what a mechanical engineer does and how the question was answer in a concise manner. Also, the definition given was essential for what needed to be communicated and the explanation that followed the definition was well thought. For example, the explanation of the type of communication that a mechanical engineer is involved in and also how it is tailored to the audience was very informative. The use of examples and how the author weaves them into the assignment illustrates that the author understands the topic he/she is tackling. Furthermore, these illustrations are important and informative in the essay as they help increasing the understanding of the reader about the topic being discussed.  

What i did not like is that when explaining communication between mechanical engineers and other professionals there was lack of flow of thoughts and sentences. For example, the author introduces lawyers and regulators into the conversation but he/she failed to link them sufficiently into the essay. There were some unnecessary repetitions in the essay. The citation in the essay was not done properly. For example, in MLA in-text citations you are supposed to the write the surname of the author and page number which were missing in some instances.

The most important aspect of this essay that worked is that the author used the concluding paragraph to summarize what she/he was writing about and that is a very important technique in writing. Just by one reading the last paragraph one may not even need to read the whole essay as everything he/she needs to know is captured in the concluding paragraph.