Homework Essay Paper on Psychology


  1. What is a close relationship?

This is a relationship where the involved parties get to know each other’s  the inner aspects of their lives and the reasons behind some of the decisions made.

  • What are the roots of interpersonal attraction and close relationships?

The roots of close relationships and interpersonal attraction is based on the level of trust that the two parties have in each other. This is the root of these relationships because one needs to have a level of trust in whomever they are about to let into their personal lives and share every aspect.

  • What is loneliness and social anxiety?

Loneliness is defined as a psychological reaction to the lack of companionship or isolation. Social anxiety, on the other hand, is the feeling of discomfort that one gets when in a social interaction that could lead to evaluation or judgment by other members of the group.

  • What are the components and dynamics of love?

When a couple is in love, they are expected to show the following components in their relationship: caregiving, attachment to each other, understanding, selflessness and understanding.

  • How does attachment relate to interpersonal relationships?

In interpersonal relationships, attachment is relevant because despite the fact that it is not a romantic relationship, the subjects involved need to be able to rely on each other and thus the reliance will lead to the development of attachment.

  • How does interpersonal attraction develop?

An interpersonal develops when the people involved share some aspects to their lives that will help them relate better. The attraction develops based on this similarity in desire and the need to be able to take part in things that the subjects consider as being worthwhile.

  • What does evolutionary theory have to say about mate selection?

The theory states that when people are choosing mates, there is no such thing as fate or understanding. The theory states that the selection of a mate is based on the biological attraction and rush that the body experiences when faced by an individual that is sexually attractive.

  • How can one attract a mate?

There are different things that would attract a mate; however, the most prominent attractive feature for one when choosing a mate in today’s society is the pleasure involved during the mating process. Women would prefer a man that is well-toned and well-built, whereas men would prefer a woman with all the right curves and a slim waist. These are the features that one would need to attract a mate. Personality and monetary wealth will be complimentary.

  • How do close relationships form and evolve?

Close relationships form when individuals can take some time pout of their schedules to cater and care for the other parties involved. The relationship develops further when the parties share moments together and act selflessly towards each other. The relationship then evolves when the subjects share a moment that would be considered as romantic, such as a dinner or a movie and a picnic.

  1. How are relationships evaluated?

Relationships are most of the time evaluated based on the level of happiness that the involved parties have while together. Furthermore, evaluation can be determined by the level of understanding and mutual respect and selflessness expressed by the couple.

  1. What is a communal relationship?

A communal relationship is a relationship where at least one partner takes responsibility for the other’s partner’s welfare without having any expectations of payment in the long run.

  1. How do relationships change over time?

Over time, relationships may change with the parties beginning to feel like they are meant for each other and become closer and more comfortable together and share moments and secrets that others do not know about. ON the other hand, a relationship may change for the worst if the partners begin to lose an attraction for each other and believe that they would be better off without their other partner and thus a relationship may change and the partners break up.

  1. What are the strategies couples use in response to conflict in a relationship?

In most situations, a couple would choose to talk and solve the conflict that may arise in the relationship. This will thus draw them closer to each other. However, some of the times, most male counterparts believe that a happy partner is a happy relationship. Thus they would take the blame if that would end the conflict. Thus, any strategy is acceptable depending on the result.

  1. What are the four horsemen of the apocalypse?

Criticism – criticizing one’s partner in a bid to attack them personally.

Defensiveness – defending our actions despite the fact that partners do not like them

Contempt – mocking a partner so as to put them down

Stonewalling – withdrawal from a conversation when the other party is talking

  1. What is the nature of friendships?

Friendships are relationships where the people involved have mutual understanding, share some interests and can be turned to in times of need. Unlike romantic relationships, friendship is one where the partners may conflict, but more often than not they get back together. The parties involved in this always have each other’s back.