Healthcare Assignment Papers on The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The patient protection and affordable care act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, enacted in the year 2010 can be regarded as one of the controversial laws in the American history.  According to New York Times news, the piece of law has been popular in the American public with various partisan views.  In most circumstances, only 56 % of the democrats approve the bill while 44% of the Americans opposed the move (Obama, 1013).

Survey studies indicate that, all along majority of the Americans have always wanted fundamental changes to rebuild the health care system. To the government and its like mended democrats, the Act will end the long term discrimination against special people with unique health conditions and provide standard plans of care (Obama, 2013). However, the disapproval by the 44% only means that there is a need of changing some of the fundamental sections or rebuild the entire system.  For the Americans with opposing public opinion, first, it is unfavorable and unnecessary for every American to obtain health insurance. Second, the accelerating cost of the health care is an issue of great concern. In their view, more than half of the Americans expect the health care cost to accelerate exorbitantly in future. Lastly, to most of the Americans, the health care reform is not an issue of top priority. They believe in a strong economy to elevate all sectors of the state interest (Obama, 2013).

In conclusion, the greater level of opposition simply signals the opposite of enthusiasm on the Act. Therefore, it is important for the American government to understand the will of the people and amend the bill in favor of the public interest as such a move will be warmly welcomed by the majority of Americans.


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