Health Care Sample Essay Paper

Health care

Some differences between how consumers and providers see and measure health care quality

Health care quality can be purposeful throughout the six points of the health care measurement groups in the health care, which include timely, capable, patient -centered, safe, and competent. It is noted that providers and consumers of the health care services have their own main concerns relating to these six points of the measurement of the quality of the health care services that observe the quality of health care. Therefore, for the provider, it is important to put into consideration the safety and the effectiveness of the health care quality. On the other hand, the consumers` priority is the timely availability of the health care services especially in the emergency sector.  This implies that they do not need to sit waiting for doctors, outcomes of the reports among other services. Thus, it can be said that both the provider and the consumer have the valid and suitable measurements for quality of health care from their own viewpoints.

 Which priority is most relevant or important as a health care consumer, why?

            The most essential priority as a consumer is quality care and the affordability of the society with developing new health care models. It is good that every person in the society receives proper health care ranging from guidance, awareness creation concerning the disease, to receiving proper treatment at all time. Accordingly, patients should be supported by being given guidelines regarding living a healthy life, this will make the society to a better place in terms of health.

Discuss the strengths and weakness of hiring physicians as CEOs and nurses as chief operating officers in hospitals

Physicians and nurses hired as CEOs and chief operating officers have the capability of providing effective and efficient leadership roles because of their status. Furthermore, these people have adequate knowledge about the field of study. The main weakness here is that they may end not being able to balance their positions. For instance, CEO may concentrate on the managerial duties than on the field of work, while the chief operating officer may focus more on the field of work than the managerial role.