Health Care Sample Essay on Why I chose Radiologic Technician as my Career

Why I chose Radiologic Technician as my Career

After working in the medical field for ten years and being an essential member of a health care system, I would say my career is the most fulfilling. Among the health care professions, I found radiology to be the most interesting of all due to the challenging nature of diagnostics. The practice is fascinating in many aspects, particularly, being able to see what is not visible to the naked eye. I would be able to work closely with patients, doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals as part of the interdisciplinary health care team. The profession would make me be a crucial part of most procedures to do with radiology and help patients who need radiology tests by taking X-rays and assessing them in order to determine their health statuses. The outcomes of my service through medical images will be crucial for analysis by doctors and subsequent recommendations for therapy that would save lives.

Another reason why I choose this profession is that I would like to help the society by helping them uncover unseen ailments. I strongly feel being a radiologic technician will be a fulfilling accomplishment in my life because I will get the satisfaction of helping people who are in need of medical attention. The profession will enable me to play an integral role in the detection of internal injuries and diseases, through diagnostic imaging. This will be crucial in the early detection and treatment of ailments that may otherwise develop and become life-threatening. I am a strong believer that motivation is the key to experiencing success in one’s career, and I consider myself a highly motivated individual. I am also intellectually and emotionally capable of handling my duties as a radiologic technician.