Health Care Assignment Paper on Privacy and Security Concerns Regarding Health Information

Privacy and Security Concerns Regarding Health Information

The VA hospital system is a hospital managed by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) in the United States. The VA hospital system deals with medical centers, outpatients, and community living centers. The VA hospital was developed in the late 1800s in order to respond to the increased number of civil war causalities. It was aimed at dealing with offering medical care to all disabled and injured veterans. In the late 1980s, the VA hospital was criticized for the increased rates of mortality levels emerging from the operation failures. Therefore, the paper will provide a critical analysis of the VA hospital systems in the United States.

The VA hospital system has decentralized systems that allow the distribution of medical centers in the various geographical locations. The hospital management also ensures that specific doctors promoting coordinated care assisted patients.  Most important, the overall VA hospital systems are managed by the directors who see to perform their goals and improving the various aspects of efficiency and quality. The performance aspects used includes the quality of chronic diseases, prevention performance, and level of patient’s satisfaction and the management of appropriate utilization program.

 In addition, the VA hospital system uses the electronic records in trying to develop a low costs services to the patients. The electronic records offer the hospital systems some benefits including the ease of accessing the medical records while in remote location by the medical practitioners. The patients and nurses are provided with bar-corded wristbands. The wristbands are electronically modified to scan for patient’s drugs and medical prescriptions. This allows the nurses to allocate the correct drugs to the patients. The electronic medical records help to minimize any errors in prescribing medicine and drugs to the patient’s information (Smith, Dinev, & Xu, 2011). Apart from the use of electronic records in VA hospital system, the system has been used in many clinics and hospitals to minimize errors associated with dispensing errors. Most important, the electronic records enhance confidentiality and privacy of the patient’s information and data.

 The primary care offered to the patients includes the general care of counseling, disease prevention, and weight control among other medical care services. The mental health care provided in dealing with depression, parenting, and anger management issues among the veterans. For instance, veterans may have faced sexual assaults during their military operations. VA hospital system is developed in manner that it offers voluntary and confidential counseling programs to the various patients. The VA hospital systems also provide specialty care through management and the screening of different diseases in the society. For example, the rehabilitation programs are able to advance physical therapy and occupational therapy. A study by Perera, Holbrook, Thabane, Foster and Willison (2011) indicated that VA hospital system conducts routine evaluations of the patients to determine the nature of treatments needed.  The evaluations also seek to determine the hospital’s compliance with the already set clinical guidelines and provisions.

I selected the VA hospitals due to the connection with my grandfather who is a patient in the hospital. My grandfather was a military soldier during the late 1980s and he faced many medical issues during his military service. Thus, VA hospital systems help to facilitate medical rehabilitation to the veterans. The relationship helped me in selecting the VA hospital system for my discussion. In addition, my parents usually enjoyed the VA hospital systems, since they were quality and reliable in providing efficient medical care to all veterans.


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