Health Care Article Review Paper on Healthcare Resource Constraints in Developing Countries

Healthcare Resource Constraints in Developing Countries

The article Breast cancer in limitedresource countries: Health care systems and public policy by Anderson et al. (2006) documents a research on the limited resources in the developing countries in treating breast cancer. The article discusses the adverse impacts emerging from breast cancer condition in the developing countries. In spite of the improved systems of detecting breast cancer, the developing countries lack adequate resources within the supporting health care to promote positive breast cancer results. According to research study by Allegranzi et al. (2011), the resource constraints include data security and cost problems among others, which affect the provision of improved healthcare services in the developing countries. One of the inherent resource constraints affecting health care systems in the developing countries is financial and organizational problems. The inadequate financial situations make it difficult to purchase drugs and medical instruments required in the hospitals. 

In most developing countries, donors and non-governmental organizations support the health care systems. The current breast health systems in the developing countries do not recognize cancer and other killer diseases, as first priority. The organization of the health care should also develop appropriate health plan to prioritize the major health problems in the countries. Another constraint is the shortage of trained health care personnel and migration. Hospitals in developing countries lack qualified medical practitioners to perform the advanced health processes needed (Anderson et al., 2006). The shortage of health professionals, including the nurses and doctors is a major constraint in developing and achieving the medical goals in the developing countries. This relates with increased labor migration of the nurses to developed countries in search for good salaries. The adverse working conditions due to lack of advanced medical instruments and technologies are another concern. This exposes the health workers to the risks of contracting infectious diseases, such as Ebola. Therefore, the developing countries have serious resource constraints in the healthcare sector.


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