Guidelines of Writing a Research Paper Abstract


Closely related to how to write an abstract for a research paper is how to research a paper. This is because both of them involve reading and understanding the entire context, from which you select the most suitable information for your assignment. this article will however focus on how to write a research paper as opposed to how to research a paper.

An abstract is a summary for your research write-up and the main reason for writing the abstract is:

  • It helps the reader know the contents of the research without necessarily having to read the entire text
  • It gives you an opportunity to present your preliminary findings

Guidelines of writing the abstract

a)     Follow the recommended structure

Just like any other assignment, there is a particular structure that you should follow when writing a research paper abstract. The structure is recommended as it helps you organize your thought logically.

b)     The title

Make the title of the abstract a description of what was investigated as opposed to highlighting results and conclusions.

c)      The body

It covers the background, aims, and objectives of the research, methods, results, and conclusions of the research project.

More guidelines in writing abstract

  • Use simple sentences, avoid the use of abbreviations and jargon
  • Follow the given abstract publication guidelines. You might know how to research a paper but fail in your presentation out of ignorance.
  • Discuss with colleagues who have an understanding of your subject. A discussion or criticism will help you know if you have hit the bull’s eye or otherwise.
  • Proofread and edit the abstract- you should never give your supervisor an opportunity to make corrections in your work. It is not only a sign of carelessness, it also acts as a distraction to understanding the content.

In case of difficulties in writing an abstract, or how to research a paper, you could request tutoring from your supervisor or experts.