Guidelines of Applying for a Grant


That you will be required to write a grant proposal when applying for a grant is not an option. One of the mistakes that applicants make when applying for a grant proposal is that they follow close guidelines given in writing a grant proposal, but then do not know what to do after sending the application. Below are guidelines of what you should do before and after applying for a grant.

Familiarize yourself with the requirements of the granting institutions for example, when the grants are given, the deadline for making applications, the format to be followed, how the application should be made; electronically or sending a hard copy, etc.

Write your grant proposal only when an opportunity for funding is presented. Failure to abide by this rule automatically disqualifies you.

Invest in writing the grant proposal; take time to write a winning proposal. The review team takes time in evaluating every grant proposal written; never give them an opportunity to correct your work.

If you lack experience in writing grant proposals, request writing assistance, either from your institution or from professional grant proposal writing services.

Set a deadline by when you should complete the proposal. The deadline should be before the indicated date of submission from the granting institution. It will give you time to review the work and make corrections where need be.

Give a second, and if possible a third party to read the proposal and recommend any changes that would improve the overall quality.

In case you are resubmitting the grant proposal, respond to the concerns of the reviewer accordingly.  In addition, if you introduce new scientific changes that were not in the first copy, define them in the introduction.

In the event you have a different opinion from the reviewer, do not be rude. Through courtesy, convince him/her.