Sample Essay Summary: Electronic Commerce

Electronic Commerce(E-Commerce)

Cookies help people using the internet to browse easily. This is achieved through various benefits such as through making websites easier to load, especially when the websites take longer time to load for the first time they are opened. Cookies achieve this through contacting the cache where internet files are stored temporarily. Apart from this, cookies are also essential to internet users because they store information which could be useful when filling online forms using information that has previously been used.

Despite being very instrumental to the internet user, cookies also pose a challenge in that they could be used by online marketers negatively since they store customer information. From the stored information, companies can access customer details and use them as they wish and/ or share them with other companies which may also use the details for advertisement. The impact of cookies to the internet user is thus indelible although many people are not aware of their existence and in spite of the ethical concern associated with information sharing.

E-commerce websites engage in different activities besides the sharing of information stored by cookies. For instance, such websites can carry out value proposition activities which aim at attracting customers to their products; customization and development of a revenue model. Through customization, companies align their products to customer needs learnt through their usage of the internet which is customized to their needs. In revenue model, while it may be easy to understand how other websites earn revenues, it is difficult to do the same for social websites which provide free services (Becker, 1998). In any of the cases, E-commerce websites offer services devoid of intermediation, making it essential where customers need to make their own uninfluenced choices regarding competing goods and services.

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