Free Essay: The Importance of Water in the Human Body Sample

Free Essay: The Importance of Water in the Human Body

Consumption of water is always advisable for humans and is recommended as an everyday activity. There are quite a number of roles that water plays in the human body, the reason why each person should always take a couple of glasses each day. According to most health experts, it is recommended that one should take eight glasses of water per day.

Water is essential for the maintenance of body fluids. The human body contains quite a number of fluids that are used for various functions ranging from digestion, creation of saliva, absorption, maintenance of body temperature, movement of nutrients to several others. In order for all these functions to be conducted well, it is always required that the body must have adequate fluids that is usually taken in as water.

Water can also help in controlling the levels of calories in the body. In most occasions, several health practitioners have recommended the intake of water as a weight loss mechanism. Even though there has not been sufficient proof on the effect of water on weight loss, substituting it with high calorie drinks can be of great help.

Another importance of water in the human body is that it can help in energizing muscles. There are certain cells in the body that cannot maintain their proper balance of fluids, causing them to shrivel. Whenever this occurs, a person is likely to experience fatigue of the muscles. When performing exercises, it is advisable that a person drinks lots of water in order to replace the fluids that are lost through the process of sweating. Besides, the water intake will also help in giving more power to the muscles for proper workouts.

The consumption of water can also help in keeping the skin looking good and healthy. The skin of the human body contains plenty of water that also acts as a barrier to the loss of excess fluids. People who are dehydrated or lack plenty of water in their bodies often portray wrinkled and dry skin that can be dealt with through drinking fluids.

Water and other body fluids are actively involved in the transportation of nutrients and waste materials in and out of the body. Water helps in the expulsion of toxic body wastes that may result into undesirable health conditions. When such toxins are expelled, the kidneys and other body organs are able to function properly, thus, better health.

Whenever a person drinks water, the brain will be triggered to send communications to the kidney on the amount of water that should be reserved and excreted. This will help in maintaining the best water levels in the human body so that all the functions highlighted above are conducted as required. In case the recommended water levels in the body goes down, most of these processes will not take place and the body’s thirst mechanism will be agitated to compel the person to drink water.

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