Free Essay Sample Assignment: Neolithic Revolution

Free Essay: Neolithic Revolution

There are widespread events that human beings have experienced. The Neolithic revolution is one of the substantial technological developments to ever happen in the human history. This type of revolution fundamentally deals with the domestication of animals and plants. The Neolithic revolution is sometimes referred to as the agricultural revolution and it took place around 11,000 years ago. This is an era when human beings evolved from nomads to settlers. It is an era when humans learned how to plant crops for food and to cater for many other needs. They also domesticated most of the animals they caught while gathering and hunting as exceptional sources of milk, leather, wool and fertilizers.

The Neolithic revolution also involved far more than the adoption of a limited set of food-producing techniques. Most of the societies in this era transformed from mere groups of hunter-gatherers into sedentary societies willing to live and enjoy village and town life. They modified their normal natural environment and indulged into improved food-crop cultivation via irrigation and embraced other high-end technologies like improved food storage and much more.

Without the Neolithic revolution, human race would not have advanced further than living in caves and day to day hunting and gathering. Through simple ways like observation and trial-error method, the early people were able to find better ways to settle and learn new ways of agriculture. V. Gordon Childe used the term Neolithic revolution in 1923 to bring out the first in a series of great agricultural revolutions that have been experienced in Middle Eastern.

Once humans began to domesticate animals and grow their own crops, it became easy to abandon their hunting and gathering routines and find more peaceful and satisfying ways of life. It also became easy to build small villages and raise families without any qualms. Children were no longer exposed to compromising situations. Humans who were well-versed with the Neolithic revolution were hard working and enjoyed great rewards from their efforts. Social change is another immeasurable impact of the agricultural revolution.

Shift to agricultural food production has led to an increase in population and this has presented a great opportunity to formation of sedentary communities. New forms of labor have been introduced thanks to the advent of new tools and advanced skills. The Neolithic revolution is a gradual event that has transformed the world to a better place. Agriculture is a great source of income and revenue. It is a sector that has taken over the world and hunting and gathering are very marginal and viewed as backward activities.

With development of wide-spread and diverse culture, there has been competition from one generation to another. Availability of abundant food has made it easy for many nations to feed its citizens and earn immeasurable revenue from trade. Neolithic revolution has also been associated with distribution of human genetic makers through the dispersal of culture on the global platform. Different countries have been able to share the temperate climate ideal for agricultural setting and to grow better crops and domesticate the best breeds or species of animals and enhance their living standards.

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