Free Essay: Importance of Mitosis in the Human Body Sample

Free Essay: Importance of Mitosis in the Human Body

Mitosis is a process that describes the division and multiplication of cells in the human body. Through this process, humans and organisms are able to undergo development and growth. Even during conception, it is through mitosis that cells are broken down to give forth complex biological organisms that we are today. Cells that are generated through mitosis can be used as replacements for old cells or to top up the number of cells in the body based on the requirements.

There are quite a number of reasons why mitosis is an important process in the human body. One of them is that mitosis helps in healing the body whenever a bone is broken or one experiences a cut in any body part. Besides, it is also important in filling up the void created by dead cells. In the event that a person experiences either of the conditions above, mitosis usually takes place in order to produce cells for proper functioning of the body.

Body cells are essential for the normal operation of humans. If our body cells are dead, it means we too cannot have life. The existence of these cells can only occur through the process of mitosis. Thus, it can also be said that mitosis helps in ensuring that the body is able to fulfill its needs. It ensures the general health of the body since whenever cells are dead and there is not enough to replace them in good time, we are usually faced with sickness and other health complications that may even end up in death.

Mitosis also plays an important role in the renewal and repair of the skin. Through mitosis, skin cells that are worn out are ripped off to give way for the manufacture of new ones. This ensures that our skins are kept healthy all through. However, it is also required that we consume lots of fluids in order to avoid quick dryness of the skin that results from rapid loss of skin cells.

Mitosis is also important in growth. In the event that an egg from a female is fused with a sperm from a man, a single cell is created. Through mitosis, this single cell is divided into millions of cells in the human body. In the event that this takes place, the cells that are created further develop to form various body parts including the heart, bones among others. Without mitosis, this cannot be able to take place. Thus, suggesting that mitosis plays a role in the formation and development of humans.

Though mitosis, the body is able to generate cells that work together with various organs to perform its daily functions. Despite the importance of mitosis in the human body, it should also be noted that the process can turn out to be very consequential. Mitosis can occur uncontrollably leading to an abnormal creation of cells in the body. As a result of this, cancer and other health conditions can occur, thereby jeopardizing the quality of life.

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