Free Essay: Factors Affecting Buoyancy Force Sample

Free Essay: Factors Affecting Buoyancy Force

Also called buoyant force, buoyancy force is defined as the force that holds ships or objects on the water surface irrespective of their size or even the weight of the materials that are used in making them. It can also be defined as the ability of an object to stay afloat when placed in water. There are various factors that can lead to the creation of buoyant force. In case either of the factors is altered, there is a different level of buoyancy created.

Density of the fluid in which the object is placed is one of the factors that affect buoyancy force. In case the density of the object is less than that of the fluid, it will be pushed upwards by the buoyant force. If the submerged object on the other hand, is denser compared to the fluid, the buoyancy force does not make it light enough to stay afloat. Thus, the object will sink and the deeper it goes, the higher the buoyant force.

Water pressure is also another factor affecting buoyancy force. Buoyancy force is created due to the fact that water has got weight. In fact, the further an object is submerged below the water, the more the weight of water. If the weight of the water is much greater, the more pressure it is able to exert on any object that is in it. There is always more pressure on the bottom of a submerged or partially submerged object than on its top. This results into the ability of the water to push it upwards. However, it should be noted that buoyancy varies with the depth of the water.

The shape of the object is also another factor that affects buoyancy force. Buoyant force depends on the pressure that is exerted by the submerged object. Different buoyant forces are created based on the various areas at the bottom of the object. In case the bottom of the object is narrow, the area for the pressure to push it up becomes very little. The result of this is reduced buoyancy force.

The size of the submerged object is another factor that can also affects buoyancy force. According to the arguments of Archimedes, the object that is placed on water becomes lighter by a particular amount that is equal to the weight of the volume of water that is displaced. For example, if a gallon of water is submerged in water, it becomes lighter in weight by an amount that equals the weight of a gallon of water.

There are several other factors that some people have attributed to buoyancy force like density and mass of the submerged object. The truth is that these two factors cannot have any impact on buoyant force. Besides, it should also be borne in mind that the magnitude of the buoyancy force on a given object equals the weight of the fluid that it is able to displace.

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