Four Essential Factors Affecting Child Development Sample Essay

Four Essential Factors Affecting Child Development

Children are very sensitive and experts state that they develop their characters based on their initial experiences. Since they are very vulnerable, even the subtlest aspects of their surroundings tend to have a major effect on them. They also are quick to notice changes in both their environments and the people they interact with. The most important thing to consider when dealing with child development issues is that every single factor that affects a child contributes positively or negatively to their overall well being.

The following are some of the main factors affecting child development:

  • Environmental factors. The environment in which a child grows up in often has a major influence in their development. Environment covers both the physical and emotional aspects. Physically, children should grow up in decent shelters. They should live in well maintained and spacious accommodation. They should also have access to basic necessities within the house. Emotionally, children need to be surrounded by loving and patient people. They should be able to feel secure and comfortable in order to grow and develop into healthy and normal people.
  • Socioeconomic factors. Psychologists state that socioeconomic conditions always affect children even in their adulthood. When a child grows up in lack they will tend to be frugal because they are uncertain of whether they will have the same resources in the future. Ideally, children should be well provided for in terms of basic needs such as food, clothes, shelter, education, water and fun activities. A child should be well nourished with a well balanced diet. In addition, children should have the right clothing everyday of their lives. Whether it is winter or summer, a child must have access to the most comfortable clothing. It is also important that children be exposed to educational materials at an early stage. During these early learning stages, children should have someone to guide them in their homework.
  • Biological factors. There are many biological factors that can actually affect a child’s growth and development. This depends on conditions under which the child was born as well as post natal care the child and mother receive. Some children are born with medical conditions that may affect their general growth and development. There are also children who develop certain diseases and ailments as well as conditions after birth which may slow down the development. Either way children who face developmental challenges due to biological factors should be provided with special care. They can be enrolled in special schools and also provided with a special caregiver to attend to their needs.
  • Interpersonal relationships. In terms of interpersonal relationships, children should show interactive tendencies at early stages. This can be in terms of their expressions, eye contact and general demeanor. A normal child should also show attachment to people who are familiar with him or her such as the parents, siblings and caregiver. Attachment should be normal and not exaggerated. Furthermore, interpersonal relationships can develop through the parenting style the child is exposed to as well as the child’s interactions with peers.

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