Formulating Research Paper Topics

Research Paper Topics

Formulating or coming up with great research paper topics plays a significant role to the success of your research paper. The topic you choose gives direction to your project, in addition to helping your teacher or supervisor know if you understand your field well.

What should you consider in your endeavor to come up with great research paper topics?

a)      The scope of your assignment/feasibility –

This implies that you consider the length (number of pages) and the time by when you should submit your assignment. Your topic should not be so wide that you cannot provide a satisfactory answer within the given requirements.

b)      Relevance-

It is expected that you are knowledgeable in your field of specialization to know what relevant and irrelevant research should entail. Your research paper topics and consequently your research should aim at adding to the already available body of knowledge.

c)      Interest-

One of the most effective ways of earning yourself a low grade is embarking on a research assignment that you are not interested in. Great research paper topics should not only interest you, they should interest both researchers at your level and advanced researchers.

How do you come up with research paper topics?

The following are helpful tips on coming up with great research paper topics.

a)      Brainstorming-

Involves listing down as many ideas possible, after which you eliminate based on the requirements of your study.

b)      Referring to previously done research papers-

They give you a guideline on the research topics that you should align your project with.

c)      Customized research paper topics-

Experts can provide you with high-quality research papers in line with your study upon your request.

Upon coming up with a research paper topic, it is advisable that you confirm with your supervisor before going ahead with the project. In the event you are given a topic, choose the most suitable approach.